There are so many exciting design books coming out this fall, I have a flurry of parties and book signings to attend. One of my favorites, At Home With Town & Country, was written by my friend and former Director of Arts, Culture, and Design, Sarah Medford. It is a fascinating look at many of the stunning homes and designers the magazine has featured over the last several years. I am so pleased that two of my projects are included in the book.

Both are in the tropics, one is in Florida and the other is our home, La Colina, in the Dominican Republic. In addition to the photographs, there are lots of interiors to inspire you, from color palettes, to furniture arrangements. I get so many of my ideas from reading and looking at books about beautiful houses.

I look forward to watching Town & Country take shape under the talented hand of Editor in Chief, Stephen Drucker. Formerly Editor of House Beautiful, Stephen has an amazing eye for design. I know there will be fabulous features on today’s exquisite homes and great insight into how stylish people are living now. Without a doubt, there will be a new Town & Country design book in the making.

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