The weather gods have been against me when it comes to speaking engagements.

The last several times I have had big events scheduled, my travel day arrives, and the heavens open. I’m not talking about a slight sprinkle, rather torrential rain, lightning, tornadoes, and beyond. My most recent trip to Atlanta for a lecture and book signing brought more of the same. The event hosted by ADAC and my dear friends Hal Ainsworth and Winton Noah was scheduled for Thursday December 2nd at 10:00 am. On Wednesday, the weather reports were bad, really bad, but I checked my flight, and it was a go. I am a trouper, and this time I had my husband John with me – he is a trouper too. You may remember the storm that hit the entire East Coast that week. Needless to say, after sitting at the airport, and watching flights be cancelled one after the other, including ours, we dragged back to Manhattan. Are they trying to tell me something…should I add a song and dance routine to my presentation?

I still had to get to Atlanta by 10:00 the next morning. So, at the crack of dawn the next day, I was back at the airport, half asleep, on my way. It was a close call, but I made it, and was whisked to ADAC and greeted by a huge audience who gave me a wonderful welcome and enjoyed hearing about my new projects and new book “Scrapbook for Living”. The books were snapped up, and I had a great time signing them and meeting the stylish crowd.

Ainsworth-Noah hosted the most divine lunch in their beautiful showroom catered by (love the name) The Hungry Peach. My favorites – chicken on skewers, deviled eggs, mini corn muffins, delicious desserts, sweet tea!! So many friends came to say hello – Nancy Braithwaite, Dan Carithers, Carole Weaks, Robert Brown, Judy Bently, Susan Ferrier, plus so many others. There is nothing like Southern hospitality. Thank you, Winton, Hal, and ADAC.

It was a whirlwind trip. I hopped back on the plane that afternoon, and made it home safely to John and the dogs.  My next event is Thursday December 16th, in Darien, CT, with my friends at Barrett Bookstore.  It benefits the Darien Community Association. I am getting out my Wellies!

Images courtesy of, Ainsworth – Noah and Kristine Turner – ADAC

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One Response to Atlanta BUZZ

  1. Bunny,
    You’ve got the right spirit in “weathering” the storm! Looks like the hospitality was fabulous and the turnout was good!

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