The first piece of furniture I bought was a round white and gold 1950s mirror with a carved draped ribbon and swags around the perimeter of the frame, and a pair of metal candle arms on each side.  I still have it in the bedroom of my apartment. Obviously, mirrors hold a special place in my heart. To me, they are both beautiful and practical. You never have to worry about how many mirrors you have in a room. They always give a wonderful reflection of light and can function in place of a window.  My constant search for interesting mirrors, as well as the ability to share some of the mirrors from my personal collection is a few of the reasons I love to design mirrors for BeeLine.

When I saw BeeLine’s Shadowbox Mirror in Mark D. Sikes’s chic home in the new issue of Lonny, I was reminded of how much I really love that mirror. The original sits in the Dining Room of my Guest House in Connecticut. What I love about it is that it feels rather English Regency, but then you look at the profile, and you realize it’s much more contemporary. It looks fabulous above a chest as Mark has placed it, or in a pair flanking a sofa, as we have often shown in the BeeLine showrooms.

To make a narrow room appear wider, place a large mirror, like the NeoClassical Mirror, on one of the two longer walls.

The original of the Acanthus Mirror has hung in my office for many years, as well as served as the focal point above the mantel in my room for the 2009 Kips Bay Decorator Show House. One trick I did there was to hang the Acanthus Mirror so it was tilted to reflect the room, not the ceiling.

I loved the glamorous, feminine curves of the Ziegfeld Mirror so much, I put one of the first mirrors we made into my bathroom.

Large scale mirrors, like the Rope Wheel Mirror and Reverse Regency Mirror, immediately catch the eye and add stature and excitement to a room.

The Ohm Mirror, either in lacquered red or gray, provides the perfect pop of color to a room.



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2 Responses to BeeLine Home Mirrors

  1. I have been receiving e-mail about the Bunny Williams line. Is there a catalog of all the pieces in the line? Where do I purchase these pieces for my clients? at John Rosselli? or her retail shop?

    Helene Goodman

  2. Audrey says:

    Hi Helene, We’d be happy to send you a catalog. Please send your address to In the tri-state area designers can purchase through John Rosselli at the D&D.

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