I am totally enchanted by the feature in the most recent WSJ magazine titled “The Court of Coppola” by Rita Konig. It tells the story of the renovation of a 19th century Palazzo by Francis Ford Coppola in his family’s hometown of Bernalda, “Bernalda Bella” as he calls it, in Southern Italy. Together with the help of the brilliant French designer Jacques Grange, Coppola’s daughter Sofia, and his longtime production designer Dean Tavoularis, the palazzo has been reborn as a romantic Belle Epoque hotel.  To my delight Grange selected several of my BeeLine Home pieces for the project, now officially named “Palazzo Margherita”. Photographer, James Merrell’s images are divine and completely capture the spirit of the hotel – warm, alluring, and filled with a touch of fantasy. I am making my reservations immediately!

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5 Responses to BeeLine in “The Court of Coppola”

  1. They used some of my favorite BeeLine pieces!

  2. I saw this on Saturday (nothing better than having WSK-Weekend home-delivered) and LOVED the entire house. Great job!

  3. Francis Ford Coppola’s suite is magical. That floor and ceiling and amazing!

  4. Bette says:

    What a wonderful feeling to be part of something so special. This will bring pleasure to many visitors near and far.

  5. Sally Harclerode says:

    Dear Bunny. How happy I am to find your Blog, I only met the 2 of you once about 5 years ago but you knew my very beloved Mentor, Betty Hanley, the doyenne of Lampss and Lampshades very well. As you know she is ‘up in the great Drawing Room in the sky along with Nancy and Sister of whom she was extremely fond but she would have loved your Blog, and she would have said “for it is very pretty and mighty snappy” and she would have been right, for indeed it is!
    And so we are going to add it to OUR list of Blogs that we read.. My African Grey Parrot writes a Blog called ‘Parrot Tales by GeeGee’. http://www.geegeeparrot@blogspot.com finds her, I hope that you will cast your very sharp eye over it and perhaps let me know when you are due to come to London next.
    With best wishes to you both. Sally Harclerode. February 12rh, 2012.

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