When the advance copy of the February/March issue of Elle Decor was delivered to my door you cannot imagine how honored and thrilled I was to see my project on the cover!! (See article here) The Work Horse Desk from my BeeLine Home collection makes quite a cover girl! The piece was the star of BeeLine’s first collection, and sold out very quickly. But, we are reintroducing the desk this spring with stock expected mid-summer. I use this desk as my personal desk in my office, and can’t say enough about it! I love placing the latest magazines on the tilt-back top and concealing my laptop and desk lamp cords in the desk’s channeled leg.

This Park Avenue Penthouse I designed for my longtime, extraordinary clients was an amazing opportunity for me to show that edgier interiors can be glamorous, warm and personal and that streamlined spaces can be equally comfortable and interesting as some of the more traditional spaces I am best known for. The beauty of this project for me is the interplay of the different materials – zinc beams, honed pink granite, blue glass, crusty columns and thick Moroccan rugs.  A huge thank you to all of the talented craftsmen who worked on the project, especially the architect, David Hottenroth, S. Donadic Inc. Contracting and Williams Nitzberg of En.Zo Fine Architectural Metalwork / Klaxto Vederstein. And thank you to Michael Boodro, Editor in Chief of Elle Decor, writer Kathleen Hackett and photographer Roger Davies for a glorious article.

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One Response to Elle Decor (February/March 2011)

  1. Jayne says:

    I could really get some work done in that office! The orchids are perfect!

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