I loved receiving your responses to last week’s Buzz about great meals in unexpected places. Thank you! Below are two of my favorite. The picture that David sent with his description makes me hungry just looking at it! And, Maura’s story really resonated with me. As I wrote in an October 2009 Buzz, one of my favorite restaurants in Paris is Lebanese.

“One of the best lunches ever . . . appetizers only on Hydra . . . mussels in saffron, roasted feta, shrimp in tomatoes and chilies and grilled vegetables…”
David Miller-Engel

“Many of the memories from travel (and everyday life), that stay with me, are from moments when all the senses are being “fed’. As a teenager, on my first trip to Paris to visit my aunt and uncle, I was served the most fragrant and delicious couscous. Sitting on the floor, eating off a big brass tray, being shown how to eat with my hands, and learning all about my Irish/American aunt’s- Algerian husband, has left a lasting impression on me. To this day (almost 30 years later), I can feel the atmosphere in their Paris flat, taste and smell the figs, cinnamon, and lamb, and hear the voices that told me stories of a life so far removed from a Freshman college students life in Philadelphia, PA……. I never expected to taste Morocco in Paris!”
Maura Endres

Image Top Left: courtesy of David Miller-Engel
Image Bottom Left: my favorite chef!

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3 Responses to Fond Food Memories

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