Once again the BeeLine Home showroom in High Point was the talk of the town. Designers, Shop Owners, Editors, Bloggers, and everyone who visited the space was dazzled by our leafy green environment. I papered the walls with canvas imprinted with a digital image of a hedge row which created the perfect background to introduce my new collection for the April Market. Spring was in the air both inside and out! Everyone swooned over our new collection of ceramic lamps, our Olympia Etagere (inspired by Albert Hadley), the stunning Starlight Mirrors, Skol Bar, and of course the Bunny Chair (which I have in my living room in New York). Not new, but looking oh so chic in green leather, was our Star Chair. Command central was the Workhorse Desk, with our laptops, i-pads, and i-phones spread out on the desktop, plus all the latest issues of our favorite shelter magazines lined up along its ledge.

I gave a keynote presentation and book signing sponsored by the IHFC/IFDA, where I spoke about my background, starting my own business, and how to adapt to today’s changing marketplace. A few of my colorful stories gave the audience a great laugh! Thanks to everyone who attended. My team and I consumed way too many biscuits and pimento cheese sandwiches, sipped champagne and cocktails at several swell parties, and in true BeeLine spirit, buzzed all over the place. If you didn’t make it to Market, check out our new pieces at beelinehome.com. And stay tuned, I am hard at work on lots of exciting projects. Lips are sealed. . .

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2 Responses to Hedge Fun in High Point!!

  1. Loved the showroom loved the greenery love what you do.

  2. Wow, Bunny you continue to be the master of it all! Truly, what a remarkable showroom within the show! Amazingly beautiful. It’s so welcoming, I think I would have had to take a break, sit down and take in all your newest additions! Fabulous!!

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