I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed looking through the BeeLine contest photos that were submitted! I think that it is so important to take a piece of furniture and make it your own – fill it with signs of life and let it convey emotion. Below are my favorites from the competition, which I think do just that. The winner, to me, is Susan Lyle. I love how she paired our modern Work Horse Desk with a Chippendale-style chair. And the view to the pool is just divine!

As Susan said in her own words, “This wonderful desk fits beautifully into this space and I can keep my eye on the happenings in our CT yard.  The simplicity of this design also works perfectly with our cottage weekend home.  The size is large enough to actually be able to get work done and the display shelf is brilliant!  Easy to keep organized.” Thank you, Susan, and congratulations for winning a 10% discount on all BeeLine purchases through the end of the year. And to everyone else, please remember that contest or no contest, you can always share photos of BeeLine in your home or design project by sending them to contact@beelinehome.com or posting them on BeeLine’s Facebook page.

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