My team and I have been hard at work on Collection II, and I am proud to announce that we will debut lots of new products at October’s High Point Market!

In addition to these new pieces, several pieces from Collection I that I find to be real hallmarks of the BeeLine style will continue. The Hourglass Table, which due to its popularity has been sold out for several months, is one such piece. I love this piece because it’s traditional and modern at the same time. To me, this table could go in almost any kind of room. Made of reeded pieces of gilded wood and honed marble top, it is rather clean in shape and line but has the beautiful detail of the antique gold finish.

Call our office at 212-935-5930 to inquire about pre-ordering the Hourglass Table for delivery in early Fall.

And, wait…the good news does not stop there: starting at High Point, we will be offering this table in a silver gilt finish as well. So Chic!

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One Response to Hourglass Table

  1. Cameron Hicks says:

    Is the hourglass table still available and if so, what is the cost?

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