BeeLine’s warehouse is buzzing! So many of our new products are now in stock and ready to ship including, the Bobbin Side Table (works next to a bed or a sofa), Compass Rose Coffee Table (the top looks like a beautiful, old parquetry floor), Lillet Drinks Table (so sweet!), Forged Hurricane (back by popular demand), Buttress Side Table (chic finish), King Gustav Cupboard (based on the antique storage cabinet I have in my office), Mezzanine Table (I love the loose faux painted marble top), Skol Bar (excellent storage), Thin Man Bookcase (not too large or deep), and Unicorn Table (makes a great library or entry table).

To place an order, please call 212-935-5930 or e-mail

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2 Responses to In Stock and Ready to Ship

  1. The Forged Hurricane has to be my favorite. What room wouldn’t be improved by a pair of those!

  2. I am swooning over the Compass Rose Table….cant wait to use this in my next project! So excited to see you in High Point and your new introductions.

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