Wishing everyone a festive long weekend!

Why not gather with friends and family around a special Independence Day themed table? I love how Bill Walters has styled the table in the window of Treillage on Lexington. Tall grasses and bamboo handled flatware are perfect for summer and small American flags in white ceramic bud vases are tasteful holiday accents. I love bud vases like this one. They make flower arranging as simple as can be. And as shown here, remember that bud vases need not be just for flowers – these could also be filled with lollipops, chop sticks, or pinwheels to bring effortless color to your table.

Try making this“Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Berries and Vanilla Sabayon” (from epicurious.com) for a delicious red, white and blue dessert!

For more photos of the table at Treillage, visit Treillage’s Facebook page.

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