After the flurry of the holidays, I find the first weeks of the New Year to be a great time to tidy up. The key to keeping your home organized is to have special containers for all the things we accumulate in our lives – tall cups for pencils on a desk or by the phone, glass jars with lids for cotton balls and Q-tips on a bathroom vanity, and flat baskets near the sofa for magazines or the day’s newspaper, for example. I designed BeeLine’s Low Country Coffee Table with this in mind. The four water hyacinth baskets that come with this table, and sit on the table’s lower shelf, are perfect for storing TV remotes and children’s or dog toys.  This way, these things can be in reach but out of sight.

The Low Country Coffee Table is currently in stock and ready to ship in the original aged green painted finish or a new off-white painted finish.

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One Response to Low Country Coffee Table

  1. Low coffee tables are a non issue when seeking a solution for room unity. This is a great Summer house solution and light weight feel.

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