I want to introduce everyone to my magnificent mutt, Lucy. For nine years Lucy has brought such joy into my life. It is funny to think that when I met her, I wasn’t even looking for a new puppy. My husband, John, and I were on a tour of great houses in Atlanta with the Institute for Classical Architecture. Another tour member ran out of film, so the tour bus made a quick stop into the Peachtree Shopping Center. There, in front of the Three Dog Bakery were pens with dogs for adoption.

John said, “Bunny, do NOT get out of the bus.”

But, I did. And there in the pen among the numerous scampering dogs was a little one who looked just like my dog Charlie. She had big eyes, perky pink-lined ears and was wearing a red bandana around her neck. I bent toward her and she jumped right onto my hip! I knew then that I couldn’t leave Atlanta without her.

Lucy suffered from a stroke last year, but through physical therapy she has recovered well. Now she wears fashionable little boots when she’s out about town. She loves to come to work with me and even made it into the BeeLine photoshoot with me in the July/August Issue of Veranda!

P.S. Wallybeds are chic dog beds that I use all the time in my house and design projects – http://www.wallybed.com

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