John is probably the most stylish person I know.  For his shop, John has an uncanny ability to find the most interesting antiques.  And, I think, the same can be said about his wardrobe. John always looks fashionable, and yet in the most effortless way. He knows what he likes, and though it may not be the most popular, he knows that it will be comfortable and will look good on him. I truly believe John sets the trends! Case in point – the rubber shoes John bought earlier this summer from Peter Elliot. John often likes to wander down Lexington Avenue around Treillage. One day, he returned to the store with a pair of shoes that was more Converse than Crocs. This summer, John has worn them all the time in the country, and our guests always comment on them. Some have even told me they hurried to Peter Elliot to purchase a pair for themselves as soon as they returned to the City.

The shoe is made by a brand called Native, and is named the “Jefferson”. It also comes in a version without the toe cap, called the “Miller”.  I’m telling you, these stylish shoes are perfect for the country. They’re comfortable, breathable, and waterproof! Peter Elliot sells the “Jefferson” in “Regatta Blue,” “Kermit Green,”  “Lemonade Yellow,” and “Shell White”.  But, if you can’t get to Peter Elliot, I am happy to let you know they are also available online through Zappo’s.

Photo of John from by Bjorn Wallander

 Photos of Native “Jackson” shoe from 

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4 Responses to Man About Town – And Country!

  1. Kathy says:

    love these shoes!!!! truly a fashion statement. immediately went to zappos to poke around but unfortunately my husband has wide feet and these only come in one width. they do come in women’s sizes though….

  2. I think these shoes are fab! I also think John dresses with such style and self confidence. I bet they are great for walking your dogs and moving around the garden besides being comfortable.

  3. The shoes are interesting, but my favorite of his sartorial statements has been the jackets (shown in the photo) that remind me of Captain Von Trapp. That’s a truly versatile garment that seems to work for almost any occasion.
    __ The Devoted Classicist

  4. Cameo says:

    What a cool guy………… I like his attitude! Thank you for sharing him! Today is my hubby’s b-day and we live on a lake. I do so believe that he would enjoy the Regatta blue ones………going to zappos to order! In fact, my daughter is on a sailing team and I think she would enjoy a pair as well! What a great find!!

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