I have two loves in my life . . . furniture and dogs. (Well, okay, three . . . my husband, John Rosselli!)

So, I am thrilled to have received these images from Ellen Capito of Ellen Capito Interiors in Knoxville, TN and Lindsay Kincaid Ganz from John’s shop in NYC, John Rosselli Antiques & Decoration, showing how much their dogs love my furniture! BeeLine’s Regale Chair, in particular, seems to be a big hit among the four-legged crowd.

Check out Ellen’s two Boston Terriers, Stuart and Finley, hanging out by the Regale Chair (stained finish) and the Chicken Feather Lamp (top image), and Lindsay’s Coton de Tulear, Maddie, pulling up to the Work Horse Desk, making herself comfortable on the Regale Chair (painted finish) with the Crewelwork Butterfly pillow behind her (bottom image).

If you have photos of your pets enjoying BeeLine that you would like to share, please pass them along via contact@beelinehome.com

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