One of the pieces of decorating advice I give most often is to use mirrors – they always give a wonderful reflection of light. Don’t be afraid to use a large mirror or a grouping of mirrors. When Lars Bolander sent me these photos of his chic shop in NYC’s meatpacking district, I was thrilled to see that he had used a pair of BeeLine’s Shadowbox Mirrors to frame a bookcase. The scale of the Shadowbox Mirror is perfect for that. For those of you who had a chance to visit our booth at The NY Gift Show, I am sure you’ll remember that we used the Shadowbox Mirror as a pair on either side of our Garden Panel.

The Shadowbox Mirror is truly one of my favorite pieces in this collection (and not just because I own the original!). I love that the mirror feels rather English Regency, but when you look at the profile, you realize that it is not quite of the period. It has elements of a traditional mirror but has been modified to be more contemporary.

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