I am thrilled to be a part of PBS’s series Moment of Luxury not once, but twice this season!

For the debut episode of the second season (earlier this month), host Bill Stubbs spoke with me in my room for the 2009 Kips Bay Decorator Show House.

The “Home & Garden” episode airs this week, and in it, Bill visits me at my home in Connecticut as well as the Trade Secrets Garden Show (which I pioneered 9 years ago).

In New York, the show airs at 7:30pm on Thursday October 22nd on channel WLIW21. If you are not in New York, you can find your local station’s air time on the Moment of Luxury homepage.

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One Response to Moment of Luxury

  1. Patty Anderkin-Ball says:

    Bunny you are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us, “An Afair With A House”. Being a dreamer and an horticulturist, I will be makng changes in my own home. I can’t wait to see what you will do next! Thank you, Patty

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