One of the best ways to ensure for easy entertaining is to always have your bar set up. If the bar is stocked and in plain sight, your guests will feel comfortable enough to go and help themselves. Aside from the usual alcohol and sparkling water, I suggest using small cans of Schweppes, Coke, club soda, ginger ale, V8 and fruit juices. Large bottles of soda can go flat. Small cans are exactly one serving size, so if you open it, you use it up.

Use nice big trays. I like to put the alcohol, soda and juice on one large tray, with a smaller tray next to it containing glasses and an ice bucket. (BeeLine’s Tray Chic tray will be available in early Fall. The mahogany tray with rounded handles and faux shagreen pattern will be sold separately from the ottoman and at 30” square would make the perfect large tray for your bar!)

When it comes to glasses, I like to use stemless glasses with a flat bottom. They are very versatile and can be used for wine or cocktails. Try finding them at Treillage or through William Yeoward.

And, every bar needs cocktail napkins. Linen napkins aren’t always practical, so paper ones are okay. I prefer plain paper napkins with no designs.


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