I am so pleased that the editors of Martha Stewart Living chose to use BeeLine’s Rosewood Table for their spring –styled cozy dining room on page 138 of the current May issue! (image top left)

The inspiration for this piece came from a 19th century table I purchased for a client’s NYC pied-à-terre. The apartment is modern, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows in one corner. The round shape of the table fits perfectly in the corner, and the English Regency details of the table nicely contrast the architecture of the space, giving the whole room a feeling of timelessness.

In decorating, I feel it’s not only the mixture of styles but also the mixture of textures that make a room interesting. I just love BeeLine’s Eclipse Chairs used around the Rosewood Table. The figuring of the wood of the table is so beautiful in contrast to the white painted finish of the chairs.

Quantities of the Rosewood Table are limited. Please call or e-mail to inquire – contact@beelinehome.com or (212) 935-5930.

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