It’s no secret that I love to shop. I am always buying pieces that might work for a potential client or things to add to my personal collection. For the first time, I have decided to make these treasures available to the public.

I have created “The Hutch”, a mini shop, in my design office where these antiques, artwork, and unique decorative objects of all price points are for sale.

Some items include a pair of Art Deco taborets for $600, a 19th century hand painted two-panel screen for $900, a pair of 85”H woven stainless steel columns 85″ for $3600, as well as beautiful 20” and 22” pillows made from antique textiles, some with coordinating lumbars.

The Hutch is open to the public:
306 East 61st Street, 5th floor
Hours are 9-5 M-F
Cash, check, or charge

The selection will be updated frequently, but hurry in before it is all gone!

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One Response to The Hutch

  1. Paula says:

    I think that Bunny’s next gorgeous coffe table book should be Caribbean themed and yachty. Not “destroyer” type yachts….think Sea Cloud…dreamy, like the one I live on with Tom Selleck? Oh wait. That’s not actually true. Anyway… There you go…my two cents worth.

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