I find inspiration everywhere, so I always have to be prepared. Here are my 5 failsafe items to always carry in your handbag for the designer on the go:

1. Tape measure – Whenever I see something I like, be it at a crafts fair or D&D showroom, I like to scale it. I carry a small tape measure. It is not big enough to measure a room, but certainly light enough to keep in my bag at all times.

2. Small Notebook – I am always jotting down notes. I like a notebook with an elastic band around it so that you can put business cards or small papers in it and they won’t get lost. Moleskine makes a nice one.

3. Blackberry – It’s wonderful to be able to keep in touch with my office even when I’m out and about.

4. Digital Camera – I will never forget the Art Deco cabinet I saw downtown or the beautiful flower from my garden, if I have a picture of it.

5. Papermate Black “Flair” pens – I buy boxes at a time!

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One Response to What I Always Have In My Handbag

  1. Even though I always have my smartphone with its camera, I carry my digital camera to get the really close shots, or the really good ones. I don’t know enough about the camera on my phone to take the important pictures with it.

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