I love to decorate for the Holidays. John and I always put a huge tree in our barn in Connecticut. We add tiny white lights and tons of ornaments that we’ve collected over the years. This year I want to add these brightly colored felted partridge birds to the tree. I love how they’ll look flying around the tree! Treillage is already decked for the holidays. The shop on Lexington has become a true winter wonderland, complete with quilled snowflakes and festively wrapped Treillage boxes. I love the unexpected holiday color palette of blues of all shades and white. . . and, of course, so does John – it’s his favorite color combination!

And, just in time, Treillage’s website has a new look. Visit Treillage online to purchase chic holiday items to decorate your home – ornaments, garlands, votives, decorative wire lace trees and jeweled trees. We’ve added new products available to purchase online, including great gift ideas, jewelry and BeeLine Home’s lamps. Felted composition notebooks would make a great present for a teacher or co-worker, and these embossed felt and leather totes are just right for lugging around exercise clothing, books or an extra pair of shoes – a perfect gift for the girl on the go!


Be sure to check back each week. We’ve added a section called Treillage’s Favorite Thing, that highlights a new product each week. And, coming soon, Treillage will offer an online gift registry. You can sign up today for early access.

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